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SMB auditions, etc.

yesterday was a super eventful, very good day. i woke up at 6am to get ready to head up to michigan state for my spartan marching band audition. i practiced my scales with KC for about half an hour and ran through my solo less than 2 times (didn't want to burn out because some of it is high). then matt and mike came over and we got ready to head out. we drove dad's bonneville into fenton to get gas and money. then we were off to east lansing. we called kelly and karen on the way because we knew they would be up there, too.

so the meeting was informative and there were NOT as many people there as i thought there would be. i'm assuming the saturday audition dates must be much more full. anyway, there were only five other mellophones there. we auditioned with the baritone players, and there were only TWO of them. damn. so i thought the auditions would go pretty quick since there were so few of us, but no. i guess our adjudicator took a really long time compared to all the other judges. oh well.

the judge was nice and told me i was "terrific" and "fabulous", but i don't know if he was just trying to be nice. i DID get to choose my "two favorite scales" to play for him - so naturally B flat and C were the ones i chose. i didn't botch them up at all. my solo went okay - a little shaky - and he cut out one of the hard parts, so that was cool. and the sightreading! SWEET JESUS! i don't think i could have sightread it on xylophone, which is saying a lot. i consider myself a pretty good sightreader, because in piano sightreading you have to sightread two clefs at once, so when there's only one i don't get overwhelmed at all. but this piece was a bitch! it was high and there were some tricky rhythms and loads of accidentals ... but i barrelled through it anyway. all the other mellos i overheard kept going back to notes they missed and stumbled all over the place .. i just played right through with a LOT of wrong notes, mind you. but the judge seemed excited by it, which i guess is a plus. again, unless he was only being nice. i guess my adjudicator was the assistant director of bands for MSU. i don't find out if i make the marching band until early july. cross your fingers for me!

the rest of the day was very fun. after the auditions, mike, matt, karen, kelly, and i went out to eat at cosi. i didn't eat much of my honey mustard turkey sandwich because 90 degree weather has a tendency to make me not hungry - but my baby carrots and raspberry lemonade were delicious. then karen and kelly had to go home because karen's dog has been sick. so matt, mike, and i headed over to urban outfitters ... where we spent an hour and i finally spent $50 on a tank top, a pair of capri pants, two pairs of underwear, and a belt. it was all clearance stuff though, so that was cool. when we left urban outfitters, it had started storming and so the temperature had gone down significantly.

then the three of us went over to splash of color so i could look at some of the tattoo artists' portfolios to see if any of them are what i am looking for at all. nothing really struck me, so we left. i realized i was STARVING, so i went and bought a bagel at bruegger's bagels. yummy! then we headed home. finding 69 east took awhile. i still hate navigating around campus!!! argh. i slept the whole way, and i'm pretty sure matthew did as well. we made a pit stop in flint for matt to get his ear pierced a second time. it looks superb!

the three of us ate dinner at mike's house. his mom makes such good food! then we ran over to matt's house to let his dog inside (poor max). we went to VGs to pick up some stuff for matt's cookout, then the boys dropped me off at home because i was EXHAUSTED. i was in bed by 9:45pm. hooray for twelve hours of sleep!

anyway, i've got plans for today as well, so i've got to run!

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