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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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et voila mon emploi du temps
dinosaur roar

and now, let me present to you my freshman year schedule at michigan state university. ::drumroll::

BS 110 - Organisms & Populations
HST 335 - European Age of Revolutions (1700-1870)
MTH 132 - Calculus I
MUS 116 - Campus Band
PSY 209 - Brain & Behavior
PRO 102 - Freshman Seminar Abroad (Quebec)

BS 111 - Cells & Molecules
ENG 430 - Studies in Film Theory & Criticism
FRN 201 - Second-Year French
MTH 133 - Calculus II
MUS 116 - Campus Band

i plan to add KIN 104A to my spring semester as well (intro to ballet!) but the silly honors adviser wouldn't let me do that today. also, if i don't make the marching band, i am completely changing my fall schedule around to get rid of my silly psychology class and will then take a class on modern france instead. woot! overall, i am pretty satisfied with my schedule - and am actually EXCITED for my spring semester. that english class is going to be killer (in a good way)! plus i managed to put off my chemistry requirement until sophomore year. way to go, me.

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Je crois que c'est "emploi de temps"

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