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better run with it.

the past couple days have been great! tuesday evening i went up to flint with jessica. we had a good time. i bought a bunch of stuff:

  • pair of dollhouse jeans from gadzooks (and yes, nathaniel, the tag is SUPPOSED to stick out!)
  • 2 shirts from charlotte russe
  • cabbie hat & pink camisole from aeropostale

    after genesee valley mall, jessica and i headed over to the other side of flint. i went and talked to chris at consolidated ink & steel and made my tattoo appointment for friday, july 9th. chris is super nice, and he got really excited about my idea, too. i can't wait!

    mike and i went to see the 12:10am show of spiderman 2 later that night. we were both pretty disappointed in the movie. blah. but it was fun to walk in the house at 3am!

    then on wednesday morning i went back up to the mall with kathy. i had my nails done at JCPenney's by an african american girl named deonia. they look hot .. very feminine .. but i now cannot type for the life of me. OR put on my own bra OR open my own pop OR undo my own belt. i also bought 2 pairs of clearance shoes at penney's for less than $30. yay for sales and having money to spend! it might sound like i spent a lot .. but really it was only $100 for everything i did (including taking michael out to the movie).

    then kathy and i went to borders because i had to find an idea for the fish part of my tattoo. and i found not one, but three fish whose parts i am going to combine. firefish + fighter fish + angelfish = ?

    i have also ordered 2 pairs of these plugs. i ordered them in green & magenta (limited edition colors, so they're not shown on that page, but you get the idea).

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