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one semi-completed list.

this is an entry from last summer in my blurty. i am going to go through and bold everything i did in fact complete. i can't believe all the things i actually did...over half of my list!

[02 Jun 2003|04:31pm]

kristen wants:

to graduate in the top three.

to get an A on the pre-calc test.

to finish in front of claire montana in gov't & french.

to play lots of gigs with sheltered this summer.

to get at least a 32 on the ACT.

to have lots of little pit members who love & adore her.

to have an awesome marching band season.

to get accepted to U of M Ann Arbor (or somewhere even better, not sure yet).

to eventually attend medschool.

kristen also wants:

to have amy not be mad about this whole mike thing

to learn all 3 gershwin preludes for piano

to go to a few concerts this summer, including warped tour

to get her car fixed

to try out for volleyball and also run track next year

to win a st. cecilia piano scholarship (also next year)

to prove to mr. wise that the pit is not just a bunch of slackers

to get her septum pierced

to find someone who really understands

to find a boy who isn't an asshole

to have cool roommates at college

to be on friendly terms with sean again

to have her shelter[ed] bandmates quit backstabbing each other

to fall in love

to wish on a star and have the wish come true

to receive a compliment from mrs. porter

to hang out with people she'd like to get to know better

to have a rockin' 17th birthday

to learn how do cooler stuff with her bass drum

to be able to look everyone in the eyes again

to not slouch over when she walks

to smile & laugh on an everyday basis

to play a show with the band formerly known as mr. meano & the clodhoppers

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