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& you do it so carelessly.

today was a super-mega very good day. i worked 6am-2pm, but it didn't even seem that long because kevin and ashley r. were there.

i heard back from the spartan marching band today. i was on the phone with matt when i retrieved the mail. i saw something from the university bands address...i also noticed it was simply a letter and not the huge packet they said they'd be mailing out to the chosen players. you can imagine my dismay, but when i opened the letter, it simply informed me i have been put on the reserve list. when i went to the marching band auditions last month, they said that three things can happen: you receive a yes, a flat-out no, or you make the reserve list. so this is totally better than being rejected. :)

say a prayer for me, please? (or in jeff's case, just cross your fingers and hope really hard!) i want this more than anything right now. except maybe the housing scholarship, which i still haven't heard back about.

so after work this afternoon i called michael and we went up to flint to run errands. we went to borders, bed bath & beyond, jcpenney's, and consolidated ink & steel. i had to drop off some tattoo ideas to chris. i am so nervous and excited about this!!

then mike and i went to the podjuns' grandma's house and went swimming with dan, joe, nathan, and adrienne. it was a good time. everyone else went to see the fireworks in fenton but i had mike drop me off at home because i am kinda exhausted and, once again, have to work at 6am tomorrow.

i broke the nail on the middle finger of my right hand. it's a lot easier to type now. my mom is urging me to go get a new one put on, because she knows miss obsessive-compulsive me wants to tear them all off now that *gasp* one of my fingers doesn't match the other nine! it does look a little funny, but not too bad. i think i am going to keep the acrylic nail thing going for a couple months, pay for a few fills...i like how they look and have gotten a lot of compliments. i wish natural nails could look like this.

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