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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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i really hate mcdonald's sometimes.
dinosaur roar

yes, just what everyone wants is to drag their ass out of bed at 5:23am and head off to work, only to be sent home less than an hour later.

so originally i was scheduled 10am-6pm today, but i changed with rob LAST WEEK since i thought i had my tattoo appointment at 5pm. i WATCHED holly write down that rob and i were trading shifts so that i could work 6am-2pm. well, this morning i walk into work and there's rob. so who gets sent home? me. i was like, "you know i can't come back later, right?" (even if i could have, i wouldn't have, because i am just so pissed about this right now.) it seems like the longer i work at mcdonald's, the more i get screwed over. normally i wouldn't care so much, but i only had 18 hrs to begin with this week. so now i have, like, 9. what a payday next friday will be. i don't even want to think about it.

screw this, i'm going back to bed.

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Awww, I'm sorry to hear that Kristen. Don't worry, we will have a ton of fun this weekend. I promise.

Hello, I would like some Mc Onion Rings, a McWhopper and a McTaco. yeah, sounds like not fun. My brother works at the mcdonalds in holly. He works with all the meat and stuff. He assemles sandwiches. He is now a vegitarian.

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