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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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j'ai un tatouage!
dinosaur roar

i was no longer the storm girl, fish girl, rose girl, mirror. i was nothing and she was everything and he was


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that makes me say "wow" when i look at it...

wow, a compliment from jeff! those are hard to get, so it means a lot.

AWESOME!!!!!! that is really cool! Now it kinda makes me want to go and get a tattoo!

middle of my lower back. typical location, not so typical tattoo.


Re: tu as un tatouage!!!

& they shaved my back to do it! ultra seeeeeexy, haha!

Re: tu as un tatouage!!!

holy wow! it's so pretty!

Re: tu as un tatouage!!!

*blushes* thank you.

(Deleted comment)
yeah, it's from the francesca lia block short story "ice".

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