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study abroad rocks my world.

well, i am finally back from quebec city! it was truly an amazing time. i have a detailed account of the trip saved on the laptop i took with me, but, alas, i have no way of transferring it over to my computer at this time. the laptop has no floppy drive! i was just going to open it up and retype it on this computer, but that would take a looooong time. bah. stupid computers. i have to wait for mom to get home to help me with my networking troubles.

anyway, the trip was amazing. i have amanda, ashley, melissa, and josh's cell phone numbers. i promised josh i would eat with him in the brody complex during that week before classes start (he has some weird phobia about eating alone, but hey, now i have someone to chill with!).

now i have a 7-10 page paper to write on sociolinguistics. [matt, i am going to KILL you if you wait until 4am on october 15th to write this one and get a better grade than me. that's a promise.]

oh well, the trip was definitely worth it. even though i'm now about $840 poorer. i paid my msu eBill last night ($1803.75). i paid for my entire semester straight up so i don't have to worry about interest & installments. it pretty much drained my checking account. my new goal is to make it through college without any loans. for those of you who don't know, my parents are not paying for my college education. not one cent. seriously. i bought my own comforter before i left for quebec ($110), and mom just informed me last night that i have to buy my own glasses and clothes. great. i'm going to be working my ass off at mcdonald's until august 21st.

also, i am about halfway moved out of my room. it's weird, because i'm still sleeping in "my" bed, but all my clothes are in kathy's room. well, some of my clothes. i don't know how everything is going to fit in that closet once all my stuff from quebec is washed. i seriously took my entire summer wardrobe with me. i already took out all sweaters and sweatshirts and folded them into drawers. i have no room. there is still tons of crap under the bed & dresser in my old room. i don't know what i'm going to do! i also HATE living in disarray, and our ENTIRE upper level is a mess right now because of the moving everything around.

*pulls hair out*

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