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so it's almost all true...

Are you one of the 3 P`s? (Poser, Punk, Prep)
What do they call you?
When is your cake-day?
What color are you feelin`?
What grade you reppin`?
What`s your favorite song?
You are a ViRGiN =) FALSE
You are in l0ve <3 TRUE
You are: YOURSELF! - Yes, you are N0T one of the 3 P`s. GO Y0U! You have your own style and personality that is impossible to label! There is not one word that can describe you. All there is to say is...NEVER CHANGE.
You are a true: Procrastinator...tehehe, isn`t everyone =P
You like: Spending most of your time on the Computer - Ohh boy, yes it`s true, Y0U are a computer GEEK! It`s alright, everyone loves spending time on the comp...just not as much as you!
One of your go0d qualities is: that your Caring - Your a very caring person, you care about others around you and people realize that. Stay the way you are.
This QuickKwiz by lil_mmm - Taken 3620 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology
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