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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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matter of conditioning
dinosaur roar

today was supposed to be my day off ... but i took ashley's hours for today so i am up and about already. i need the money. i think this afternoon i might go out shopping ... anyone?

my schedule:
thurs 8/5 - work 7am-2pm
fri 8/6 - work 6am-2pm
sat 8/7 - work 6am-2pm
sun 8/8 - work 1-9pm
mon 8/9 - work 11am-3:30pm
tues 8/10 - work 7am-3pm
wed 8/11 - work 5:30-9pm
thurs 8/12 - OFF
fri 8/13 - OFF
sat 8/14 - work 6am-2pm

that's a lotta work!

my throat hurts. uh oh.

work yesterday was boring. i showed kevin my tattoo. then i came home and took a nap. last night i went to see the manchurian candidate with mike. i thought it was a super good movie. then we went back to his house and hung out for a little while. i can't believe i am going to be leaving him in 3 weeks.

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i was at the mall yesterday (and spent waaaaaaaay too much money). but i did notice that most jeans around the mall were $30 or on sale for $30. not bad, i guess, that is if you're shoppin for jeans. :)

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