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i look for things that i can't replace.

i have found living proof that i ditch friends when i have a significant other. i've compiled a list of people who i haven't hung out with all summer (& feel guilty about):

  • caitlyn
  • lori
  • amy
  • jeff (well, i've SEEN jeff around a lot, but no one-on-one like last summer)
  • alex
  • jordan

    lists are fun. so i've made another one of all the people i've hung out with this summer who i never thought i'd enjoy being around so much (not a bash on ANY of these people .. take it as a compliment, i promise!):

  • jessica
  • rachel
  • kelly
  • emily
  • nathaniel
  • sean

    notice that the two lists are equal. i enjoy symmetry. i have noticed lately how obsessive-compulsive i am. even at work (that's right, at mcdonald's ... a fast food joint!). when i work back drive-thru, i make SURE all my coin piles in the coin changer are neatly stacked. this means that the stack of dimes must match the other stack of dimes, the stack of quarters must match the other stack of quarters, and the three stacks of pennies must be identical TO THE TEE or i will redo them all.

    also, today my tonsils feel like they are the size of manhattan (is manhattan big?). perhaps manhattan is not a big enough analogy to express how much my throat hurts. my tonsils are the size of a small country (japan?)!!!!

    i worked from 1-9pm and the time FLEW by because there were only three people there, plus chris. day-um, i hate when we are understaffed .. but at the same time i like it because you are SO BUSY you don't have time to pay attention to the time. wow, i'm an idiot. my car rolled 237,500 miles tonight. i am also in a really weird mood.

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