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such a breakable thread.

so i've missed out on telling a few good mcdonald's stories lately ....

yesterday at work, we were discussing dreams, and nick mentioned that katy had said she'd actually had a nightmare about mcdonald's.

"i was working backbooth and we were wrapped around the building TWICE. i was just standing there and there was nothing i could do because the cars were at such intervals so there was no one at the window and no one at the speaker!"

i found this quite amusing. nick said his worst nightmare would be working grill with jared (slowest person EVER) and ray (stupidest person EVER) ... and having the screen blinking "PENDING 100". i laughed a lot.

i was having a pretty cruddy day yesterday so nick & kevin gave me a "group hug".

today at work jim succeeded in cheering me up. every time i so much as looked in his direction, he would nod his head up and say, "you smilin' at ME?" which of course would make me grin. then he'd say, "what's up, baby?"

what a goof.

today after work i had a follow-up eye appointment. i also picked up my quebec pictures. there is a picture of me holding a bacardi o2. oops.

then i went up to flint and visited jessica at work for a little while. [i really need to get a new scrapbook going as i start college.] matt called and i met him for dinner at mancino's. then we rented a movie and went back to his house. jeff came over, too. it was pretty dirty things with the chick from amelie in it. i can't say i got anything out of the movie because i wasn't really watching it, but i enjoyed the company.

i think my roommate called tonight and i missed her. dad said a girl called for me ... the caller ID read "out of area" and she wouldn't leave a message with kathy. so tomorrow i will call kateri menominee from sault sainte marie and see if she did indeed call me.

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