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warped tour.

i am home from warped tour (yes, a bit early, i know). i felt like CRAP so lauren and nathaniel found different rides and matt brought me home ... but not before i saw the swellers & purchased a before i go t-shirt.

now i'm here all by myself. my stomach feels better but it's really lonely here. the house is so quiet. all the computers are shut down, all the laundry has been put away ... even the air conditioning is turned off. i don't like this at all. it feels like i am in my house when i'm not supposed to be. and i have to spend a whole week like this? great.

i've been playing piano the past couple days. i didn't really miss it until now. it would be a shame for me to just quit playing altogether. so i'm teaching myself scott joplin's "stoptime rag". it's the song my english seminar group put in the credits of our silent film.

ashley just called me and asked where i was. i said, "uhh, i'm actually at my house" and she was all confused. i saw ashley and melissa today. the quebec kids rock my socks. a lot. i'm really sad amanda couldn't make it out today ... but i'll probably call her up next week sometime. i am also really looking forward to eating with josh in the brody cafeteria! i guess i'm just really looking forward to school in general. i bought a bunch of my books online last night ... so far i've spent $272. i only have my bio textbook left to buy, so that's good, i suppose.

i feel bad because i called my mom earlier and got her all worried. now i keep trying to call and let her know i'm okay and that i'm home safe and sound and all that ... but band camp is in such a funny area i'm pretty sure she doesn't have a signal on her cell phone.

i'm a little bit sunburnt and, as matt pointed out, you can see where my sunglasses were on my face.

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