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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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the best day i can ever remember.
dinosaur roar

the past 24 hours have been a whirlwind of all things good.

so late last night i received an e-mail from john madden (the director of the spartan marching band).


My Mello spots are all still filled. Are you interested in a trumpet spot in the SMB?

so i thought about it. for a span of about five minutes. then i e-mailed him back, saying i was DEFINITELY interested and what did i need to do.

then i called matt. it was one o'clock in the morning, and i was sobbing. i'm sure i freaked him out a little bit. what kind of girl calls her friend at that time of night crying if not for good reason?

so i FINALLY managed to get to sleep. i was awakened early by nathaniel returning my phone call, saying yes i could borrow his trumpet, although nothing was for sure at this point. i thought i might have to audition again or something ... i was sure i wasn't the only person receiving the offer. so i checked my e-mail again, and to my surprise, i'd already been e-mailed back. this message simply said

Can you stop in today, or would you prefer we overnight you a packet?
You need to be here on Sunday.

John Madden

i thought this would be the sort of thing that's better to do in person, so i left my house at about 8am and headed for campus. i must've started crying in the car eight times on the drive to east lansing. i arrived at the music building and received directions to john madden's office. he said he was amazed at how promptly i had responded to his e-mails. apparently he e-mailed me and one other boy, and since i replied first, i got the spot!!

we talked about my music history and looked at my audition scores (i got like a 72.1//100 and yet i was at the top of the reserve list?!). he asked if i had any experience on trumpet, and i just said, "none, but i'm definitely willing!" i explained how i'd switched instruments in hopes of continuing marching band in college. he seemed impressed and said i was the kind of person they needed.

so john madden took me down to a big conference room where some students were collating music and organizing other stuff for him. i was introduced them, and one even turned out to be my section leader (who, i might mention, is an EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKING male). i watched as john madden e-mailed someone from university housing to let them know i'll be moving in early (sunday!). i received all the music for 3rd trumpet and was on my way.

after much ado, i FINALLY got ahold of my mom (she's chaperoning band camp for the week). this event even warranted a phone message from mike. his voice sounded funny on my answering machine.

sometimes i think i am the luckiest girl in the world.

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KRISTEN THAT IS SO COOL! i cant wait to see you there on SUNDAY!!! WOW, that is just so cool. Yeah I think that you will be fine with the trumpet. Rachel and i were just talking the other day about how you should have learned that because you would have had a better chance of getting in in the first place! well i guess it just came around to you in the end!! I will definatly see you on sunday then.. wow i am extra pumped now!

i know, oh my gosh!
by this point i had just accepted that i would try again next year. i had no idea they'd be picking people off the reserve list this late in the game!

i'm sure glad they did, though...there are 56 trumpet spots in the block and 61 total trumpet players (including me).

but HOLY CRAP, our "band camp" runs from 8:30am to 11pm?!?!?! is it just me, or that a little on the INSANE side .... ?

i'll definitely see you sunday! wooooooo! :)

Yeah the whole "freshmen orientation" is when they teach all the newbies how to sing the fight song, and other boring stuff like that , where vets dont want to be bored senseless!

Still crazy though!

i know i've already said this, but I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! you truly deserve it more than anyone else.

Kristen, you have no idea how happy I am for you. Once again, I am thrilled that you called me, I wouldn't have had it any other way. You Rock!!!!

way to go. i'm very proud of you. good job. you are gonna work your ass off next week!!! haha you!!

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