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the best day i can ever remember.

the past 24 hours have been a whirlwind of all things good.

so late last night i received an e-mail from john madden (the director of the spartan marching band).


My Mello spots are all still filled. Are you interested in a trumpet spot in the SMB?

so i thought about it. for a span of about five minutes. then i e-mailed him back, saying i was DEFINITELY interested and what did i need to do.

then i called matt. it was one o'clock in the morning, and i was sobbing. i'm sure i freaked him out a little bit. what kind of girl calls her friend at that time of night crying if not for good reason?

so i FINALLY managed to get to sleep. i was awakened early by nathaniel returning my phone call, saying yes i could borrow his trumpet, although nothing was for sure at this point. i thought i might have to audition again or something ... i was sure i wasn't the only person receiving the offer. so i checked my e-mail again, and to my surprise, i'd already been e-mailed back. this message simply said

Can you stop in today, or would you prefer we overnight you a packet?
You need to be here on Sunday.

John Madden

i thought this would be the sort of thing that's better to do in person, so i left my house at about 8am and headed for campus. i must've started crying in the car eight times on the drive to east lansing. i arrived at the music building and received directions to john madden's office. he said he was amazed at how promptly i had responded to his e-mails. apparently he e-mailed me and one other boy, and since i replied first, i got the spot!!

we talked about my music history and looked at my audition scores (i got like a 72.1//100 and yet i was at the top of the reserve list?!). he asked if i had any experience on trumpet, and i just said, "none, but i'm definitely willing!" i explained how i'd switched instruments in hopes of continuing marching band in college. he seemed impressed and said i was the kind of person they needed.

so john madden took me down to a big conference room where some students were collating music and organizing other stuff for him. i was introduced them, and one even turned out to be my section leader (who, i might mention, is an EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKING male). i watched as john madden e-mailed someone from university housing to let them know i'll be moving in early (sunday!). i received all the music for 3rd trumpet and was on my way.

after much ado, i FINALLY got ahold of my mom (she's chaperoning band camp for the week). this event even warranted a phone message from mike. his voice sounded funny on my answering machine.

sometimes i think i am the luckiest girl in the world.

Tags: elation, michigan state, smb
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