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stolen from .. everyone.

Have you...
1) Ran away? nope (don't feel sad amy, i haven't done it, either!)
2) Broken someone's heart? yeah
3) Cried when someone died? yes
4) Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have? of course
5) Cried in school? oh yeah ... i'll never forget when mrs. quinlan said, "you look like someone just broke your entire day" and i burst out into tears.

What's Better?
6) Girls or guys? guys
7) Quiet or Loud? loud. damn quiet housing at msu
8) Me or You? ME ME ME! [hahaha]
9) Shorts or Pants? pants all the way!

With the Opposite Sex
10) What do you notice first? hair.
11) Last person you kissed? mike.

Last Time
12) You took a bath *bath-not shower*? last night i took a really long one in my parents' jacuzzi (yay for no one being home!)
13) Had a great time with the opposite sex? yesterday at work. nick, kevin, and i were all singing the oompa loompa song and driving holly absolutely crazy.
14) What Is Your good luck charm? i have a pair of lucky socks. they are grey with sparkly cows, pigs, and barns.
15) The person you hate the most? no one's name belongs here anymore
16) Best thing that happened to you today? hmm, i should've done this survey YESTERDAY! ummm, i got to work lunch grill (assembly) for the first time at work? is that good enough?

17) Movie? always & forever will be girl, interrupted :) there are others that come really close, though.
18) Book? missing angel juan by francesca lia block
19) Car? my saturn SL2 (with 237,500 miles!)
20) Holiday? christmas
22) Breakfast food? lately it's been raisin, date, and walnut oatmeal
23) Place to go with your honey? parking, duh?

24) Makes you laugh the most? my guy friends
25) Has a crush on you? besides the obvious, i'm not really sure
26) Do you have a crush on? michael...
27) Can make you feel better no matter what? jordan
28) Has it easier, guys or girls? they both have it rough

Do you ever...
29) Sit by the phone and wait for a call? yeah.
30) Save AIM conversations? all the time
31) Cry because of someone's mean words? yyyyyyyyyup

32) Show? queer eye!
33) Friend? this question should die
36) Most recent advice given to you? "sometimes you have to get on a new ride" (i'll give a dollar to anyone who can tell me who said this)

Have you ever...
37) Fallen for your best friend? yeah, hardcore
38) Made out with JUST a friend? yyyyup
39) Used someone? not on purpose!
40) Cheated on someone? no way, jose.
41) Been cheated on? indeed.
42) Been kissed? all the time
43) Done something you regret? everything happens for a reason, kids.

Who was the last person...
44) You talked to? tiffany at work
45) You instant messaged? matt
47) You laughed with? matt
48) Who broke your heart? if you mean in the typical boy sense, then sean
50) Who told you they loved u? my daddy!

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