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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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"someTHING's popPING!"
dinosaur roar

first off, high stepping sucks. just had to say that. it might look cool, but it is so physically exhausting. oh, and horn swinging, too. i am never going to be able to play, do 7ups, and keep that sucker on my face at the same time!

my horn angle here sucks, haha. after all the ten degrees stuff, parallel seems SO low. oh well. dave, one of my squad leaders who marched with phantom regiment, seems to have trouble keeping his down, too. we're learning the corps-style stuff later this afternoon. finally, something i'll be good at [maybe]! except .. they have knee bend. if anything that should make it easier, though.

i'm a freshman all over again! gahhhhh.

i didn't have enough money for my own shoes so i had to borrow $14 from joe (kid in my section). note to self: find ATM soon so i can pay him back. there's about six of us in bryan. i see alex all the time (the kid i met at auditions) and he always gives me high fives. there's also another trumpet player from fenton! it's cool; we keep talking about stuff at home (i.e. lobdell road) and today he wore his mr. meano shirt so that served as another conversation starter.

block auditions tonight!!!!!!! cross your fingers for me.

i am loving it here already.

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hey, give me your email. i can't spell your name right. :)

thats so awesome. Is he the one that played baritone?

watch out for a kid named andy bailey. i have no idea what he plays, but he's a fucking moron.

actually, he's in my section, and he's pretty cool.

ok so you like complain for 99.9% of this entry then say 'I LOVE IT HERE!' what's up with that?!

don't you complain 99.9% of YOUR band camp?

YES!! But I didn't say "I LOVE IT HERE!" When I was done complaining!

i'm glad you are having a good time. don't suck!!

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