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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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me in my dorm room!
dinosaur roar

this is me being WAY too excited for my first and only class today: mth 132 (calculus I).

p.s. my marching band hat is SO much cooler than yours.

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i keep moving my friends hat. she wants it on top of the tv, and i want it under the bed.

lol, mine's on the shelf in my closet :)

NO...I think MY marching band hat is So much cooler than yours... LOL! nice.. you made me giggle.. now you can wear the hat AND the jacket in your room! see ya tonight!

yeah jackets! i think they're classy; i can't wait!

kristen, i love the hat. it's so hot.

haha. what a hat! what a hoot!

your dorm looks nice. I thought that my dorm looked nice but we don't have drywall. I'm still transitioning here too. I still feel sort of weird here.

hehe. Taking a leaf out of my book if I must say. ^_^ I like the 1st one!

i can totally see down your shirt in the second one!!! hehehehe

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