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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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must be fine because my heart's still beating.
dinosaur roar

  • today i had a lot more classes than yesterday.
  • amanda tabbert is in my bs 110 lecture.
  • katelyn walters is in my psy 209 class.
  • i am the only freshman in hst 335.
  • i actively cannot stand my dorm room.
  • okay, so more so my roommate than the room itself.

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    kristen! you made me laugh hysterically. nice nice nice. you may come visit our dorm if you want. we're all friendly :-)

    What is hst 335? Niceee Jacket. ^_^ Rebel.

    history 335.
    europe: age of revolution.

    seeeeeeeeeeeeeeexy jacket. ow ow ow

    awww i am so proud! did you get your Naria book back?

    yup, kathy brought it to me. :)

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