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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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hubbard is where it's at, baby!
dinosaur roar

so last night i moved from A310 bryan hall into 319 south hubbard. with the help of nathaniel and matt, of course. i thought i misplaced my keys amidst all of the commotion, but luckily i found them. whew!

i borrowed jessie's ethernet cable since she went home for the weekend. mine is too short for this room. :(

oh, and to all of you in brody who have been hearing about how good the food is in hubbard's caf: THEY AREN'T LYING!!!! seriously. plan a road trip with your friends and get your butts out to east campus, because the food here is DAMN good and the cafeteria looks like a freaking 5-star restaurant!

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I haven't seen much of your old room, but it looks the same.... who knows? I will get the proper comparison tomorrow :) yay for a new room.

p.s. what happened to your old roomy? is she by herself now?

what are you doing with that chair?

alright, since you're so close now we should hang out or somethin! 453 holmes west bitches...

your room looks cool. I'm glad that everything is cool over there. Will you read my last entry? I need an opinion about the situation. Thanks.

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