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swear i knew it all along.

last night i ventured out with josh (my new friend in my MTH132 & PSY209 classes) and some of his friends to a pretty high-class sushi place up on grand river avenue. i had already eaten at wendy's earlier, so i wasn't really too hungry, but i just HAD to try sushi. so i donated $3 to the pool which got me two ... somethings. i don't know, but it actually wasn't bad at all! afterwards, the boys headed out to a kegger, which i politely declined. i pedaled furiously back to hubbard and was in bed by 11pm.

this morning i had to be to dem hall at 8 o'clock in order to be fitted for my marching band uniform. my jacket is a little on the ill-fitting side ... for some reason there were no more of the 34REG or 36SHORT sizes ... the 34SHORT was too small and the 36REG is borderline too big. but better too big than constricting my shoulders and having too short sleeves, i suppose. my pants, on the other hand, fit perfectly. they don't even need to have them altered. i also received my very own plume, hat, and gloves. and let me tell you, these uniforms are SHARP. we are talking classy. i almost can't wait to wear it to practice on tuesday night!

i rode my bike back from the fitting and slept for another three hours. YAY FOR SLEEP!

mike & amy are coming up later today. YAY FOR FRIENDS!

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