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please tell me why.

have i mentioned that college is wonderful?

last night the marching band had a sort of "dress rehearsal". except we didn't really rehearse .. we just donned the full uniform and met out on dem field. i had a good time. i actually got to be apart of my squad because dave and ashley both had studio last night (silly music majors). so it was just me, susan, and joe chillin'.

[[i've realized there are two joe's who i talk about in here .. that could get confusing. okay, so for the sake of clarification: joe jalbert is a freshman alternate with me (he also lived in bryan hall with me when i was there). joe skuza is a sophomore in my squad who also happens to look and act EXACTLY like mitch wood.]]

anyway ... so yesterday while we were all in full uniform, joe (skuza) decides that he thinks his pants are too tight.

"here guys, i am going to do the high mark time and you tell me how much of my butt you can see. but don't look at my butt or anything, just tell me how bad it is!"

then joe proceeds to inform susan and me (along with mark's entire squad as well) that he is going to have to "freeball it all season". i could've laughed for days.

i walked with ben to yakeley after the full dress. he is a really nice guy. he fixed my spats for me without chiding me or anything. he got a new tattoo yesterday, too! it looks nice. it's like this sword that is "stuck" in his upper arm. he had it done at liquid tattoo on grand river. he was trying to convince me that i have money for a new tattoo, which i really don't. i have that body mod itch right now, though. too bad i can't get any new piercings that aren't hideable, due to marching band season. hopefully that will hold me off for awhile.

last night i played age of mythology for several hours (hooray for new computer games!). then this morning i woke up early (well, if you call 9am early) in order to run over to the college store. it's only like 1/4 mile from hubbard! woot. i picked up some clips for my christmas lights. now they are hanging around my corkboard over my desk. i have chili pepper light covers for them. hot stuff!

looked into getting a loft today. i found a company that will build me an H-loft for $180. now i just gotta talk to jessie about it later.

anyway - i've gotta run off to my calculus I class now. i SO did not do the homework ... i don't understand!! yikes.

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