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the dust of sun-baked pearls.

i calculated that if i save all the money from my professorial assistantship, i will have enough to pay for next semester. so all i need is a job and i'll have my own spending money! i've been looking, really i have. today i went to a job fair at the MSU union. i applied at kinko's and blockbuster ... i might also apply at the women's resource center if i find the time to put an actual resume & portfolio together. if none of these work out ... back to the fast food industry i go!

today i met up with drew (aguycalleddrew). i've been talking to him over AIM all summer and finally got to see him in the flesh. he lives over in west holmes hall. we talked about music and he burned me the new jimmy eat world CD (that's right, the one that hasn't been released yet!).

i NEED to turn the computer OFF and STUDY for my first calculus quiz tomorrow. i want to go to the hot rod circuit show! and the death cab for cutie concert! WOOT!

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