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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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pretty & witty & gay.
dinosaur roar

^^^ hottest shoulderblades ever!

and this one just 'cuz it's funny:

wow, you can really tell which dances i went tanning for! pictures 2 & 5 anyone? i vote we fill up matt & nathaniel's dorm room with balloons and hold our OWN formal dance!! mwahaha.

side note: why do i have NO pictures from prom 2003?!?!? if someone has one with me in it, scan it and send it to me ... please? *pouts*

second side note: don't i have good taste in boys?????

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i have one. it's at home. probably in my scrapbook... also, i second the motion of filling up matt and nathaniel's room and having our own formal dance. i have three boys i could take with me!

c'mon over...we were planning on having themed dances in our room!!!

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