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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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eeph! beef! deuce! roosk! TRUMPETS!!
dinosaur roar

i had a really grand day, even though i had to wake up insanely early. i wanted to go to the pirate party last night, but since i had to be on the field at 7:30am this morning, partying last night wasn't really an option. dave brought our squad whole wheat bagels and clear strawberry gatorade for breakfast. have i mentioned that i <3 dave? it's also official: joe skuza is mitch wood's long lost twin.

our uniforms are really classy ... but very HOT. it sucks that we never get to take off our hats. bagghh. i got pretty sunburned today, too [lori pointed out i actually have a "nose stud" tanline .. it's pretty funny if you look closely].

after marching my first college football game, my dad picked me up and we sped to south lyon so i could see linden compete in their first invitational of the season. all the bands there sounded so small after playing with the SMB for three weeks. i talked to kathy & mike & lori & jeff. i also lost my msu student id card at south lyon (i am such an idiot sometimes). it fell out of my purse ... i found the other item that fell out but not my id (the IMPORTANT item .. psshh!).

every time i heard the halt cadences at the invitational tonight, i couldn't help but think in my head, "CENTER! UP! DOWN!" yes, i am a marching band LOSER.

i finally earned the right to wear the band jacket! WOOT WOOT!

anyway - to put an end to this simply amazing day, i am going to hop in the shower and head off to bed.


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way to not be able to eat in the cafeteria anymore, kristen. i could hear you guys this morning. congratulations on the band jacket. you rock. i really mean it.

p.s. come see my new tattoo and bring your digital camera so the whole internet world can see my damn tattoos!

you missed some awesome and insane tailgating. but the notre dame will be so much more kickass since it starts at 7PM. the whole student section will be drunk. tell you what though, football games are not meant to be observed by sober people. :)

whats was sthe other item taht ou dropped?

that phone card thing they gave us when we moved in ... that has a personalized number on it so you can make long-distanec phone calls.

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