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eeph! beef! deuce! roosk! TRUMPETS!!

i had a really grand day, even though i had to wake up insanely early. i wanted to go to the pirate party last night, but since i had to be on the field at 7:30am this morning, partying last night wasn't really an option. dave brought our squad whole wheat bagels and clear strawberry gatorade for breakfast. have i mentioned that i <3 dave? it's also official: joe skuza is mitch wood's long lost twin.

our uniforms are really classy ... but very HOT. it sucks that we never get to take off our hats. bagghh. i got pretty sunburned today, too [lori pointed out i actually have a "nose stud" tanline .. it's pretty funny if you look closely].

after marching my first college football game, my dad picked me up and we sped to south lyon so i could see linden compete in their first invitational of the season. all the bands there sounded so small after playing with the SMB for three weeks. i talked to kathy & mike & lori & jeff. i also lost my msu student id card at south lyon (i am such an idiot sometimes). it fell out of my purse ... i found the other item that fell out but not my id (the IMPORTANT item .. psshh!).

every time i heard the halt cadences at the invitational tonight, i couldn't help but think in my head, "CENTER! UP! DOWN!" yes, i am a marching band LOSER.

i finally earned the right to wear the band jacket! WOOT WOOT!

anyway - to put an end to this simply amazing day, i am going to hop in the shower and head off to bed.

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