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i only came here to talk.

automobile - if the engine lost power or stalled or if you ran out of gas, you could be embarrassed by misplacing your confidence and/or affections.

i have had the same dream three times now: i am in my car and my car breaks down. i was almost afraid to drive my car today. but i drove to fenton to get gas and then down to the good 'ol hartland mcdonald's. i completed my fieldwork and got the results i knew i would. i talked to scott and let jim bug me in between taking notes. i discovered that kevin walked out last week and that steve got permanently transferred to the howell store. all of my favorite mcdonald's people are disappearing!

after my fieldwork was completed, i met amy at panera bread and we had a lovely lunch together.

kathy and mom drove me back out to east lansing. we stopped at meridian mall so i could spend my gadzook's coupon (spend $50 and get $25 off). so i got two new tank tops and a really cool sweater. i <3 sales. i spend way too much money. none of the places i have applied here have called! perhaps it will be back to mickey d's for me ...

i just got done talking to mike on the phone. i really like having free nights & weekends on my cell. it's convenient, because that's really the only time i have time to call him .. and the only time he has to talk. i am kind of glad i don't get to talk to him every single day, because it makes for much more interesting conversations once we do get to talk. i'll launch into something, thinking he already knows about it, and he'll be like, "wait, what?" and i'll have to say, "oh, i didn't tell you?!"

i've noticed that i like to talk. a lot.

well, i gotta head out to a floor meeting (the first one i've actually been able to attend!). then i plan to hit the calculus book before hitting the sheets. tomorrow morning i've got to figure out my id situation ... blarrrgh! to say the least, i've had a few blonde moments the past two days.

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