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i am SO random!

+ i like count chocula cereal. i am on a count chocula kick. but the cafeteria was out of chocolate milk this morning. i was sad.

+ today in my psychology class we discussed which parts of the brain are bigger in musicians than other people. i found that to be interesting. we also talked about studies that have been done to see if sexual preference is genetic. other than that ... psych is really freaking boring!!!

+ i ate lunch in case hall with nathaniel, matt, and melissa. about halfway through someone's conversation, i interrupted with, "the olin center has free gynecology on saturdays!" nathaniel laughed for about two minutes straight. i also spotted ethan in the case caf AND drank an entire container of rice dream (vegan milk!).

+ a certain friend of mine keeps talking about needing to get laid. everyone is welcome to pitch in and help me talk him out of it.

+ i hate bike racks. my bike always gets stuck on other bikes. my bike also makes way too much noise when i ride it. this irritates me to no end. in addition, have you ever tried to ride a bike in a skirt? it's impossible. this forces me to continue to wear the same 6 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of capris over and over and over again.

+ i did not make the block for the notre dame (night!) game this weekend. i am pretty disappointed. i wish that i could play trumpet as well as i can march. note to self: consider quitting marching band next year if i don't make the block. it consumes WAY too much time to not reap benefits.

+ i forgot my contact lenses at home.

+ i don't really obtain homework in any of my classes. in fact, i just get assigned a lot of reading that i simply neglect to do.

+ i've been meaning to do a photojournal of my typical day at msu, but just haven't gotten around to it. perhaps tonight and tomorrow i'll take my digital camera around with me. :)

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