time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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je veux juste une deniere danse.
dinosaur roar

i have to take off for marching band shortly (squad drill, actually), but i just had to mention how much fun i had last night. jessie, caitlin, amanda, and i all piled in caitlin's ancient bright blue achieva and went to bed bath & beyond and meijer's. we bought a ton of bathroom stuff at bed bath & beyond, only to find cheaper (and better!) stuff at meijer's for $40 less, so we're taking all the bed bath & beyond stuff back. our bathroom is now equipped with two rugs, a shower shelf, a "rice" shower curtain, fish suction cup thingies for the floor of the shower (what are they called?! they're so you don't slip!), and a $9 soap dispenser. jessie splurged on the fancy soap dispenser.

we also bought a $15 toilet seat. the one that came in the bathroom is very ... public bathroom-esque, so we're installing our own (hey, nothing in the rules says we can't, as long as we put the other one back when we move out!).

our bathroom now has a prominent blue theme. pictures to come!




and last but not least, our $9 soap dispenser!

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yeahhhhh ... we made jessie pay for it because she is the one who wanted it so bad :D

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