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"what, is the bass too loud?"

right now i am at matt and nathaniel's dorm, wrecking matt's computer as i type this. *grins*

sunday night neal picked me up at hubbard and we went with rachel and kelly to a pop meeting. i'm not sure about the logistics of the organization, but if it means i get free concert tickets, it's fine by me.

taggart curved our big bio exam from last week, meaning i have a 2.25 now instead of a 1.75 from before. oh joy & rapture. today was the first PSY 209 exam. late night music rehearsal last night was cancelled, so i studied at josh's. then i came back to my dorm and studied on my own well into the night. i woke up early to study even further ... studied action potentials over my count chocula ... reviewed my psych study guide during this morning's bio lecture ... arrived at the com arts building an hour early to study even MORE .. and i'm still not sure i did that great. the questions were about the tiniest things she ever discussed in lecture. it was a 300-point exam. translation: each of the 50 multiple choice questions is worth 6 points!!! can we say, "holy crap"?! cross your fingers that i did okay.

i didn't make the block for the video game show. that makes me sad. but austin got into the block, so i'm happy for him. he really deserves the spot. he went from being 5th chair tuba to a trumpet alternate. he's definitely gotten better since he first switched instruments. all of the alternates get written into the next halftime show (homecoming!). and it's going to be REAL drill, unlike the alumni band show ... so you can bet i'm super excited.

calculus quiz tomorrow! YIKES! we are applying derivatives to physics ... so all the velocity/acceleration/free fall stuff from last year i thought i could forget, i now need to know again ... except more in depth this time. GAHHHH!!! i officially despise calculus! remind me to drop mth 133 from my spring semester immediately.

tonight after marching band rehearsal i have a job interview! and my professorial assistantship work starts up next monday! i am going to be so busy!

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