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so today i discovered that i could still read my scribble entries through google's cached pages! i kept finding this entry over and over. i wrote it over a year ago (it's dated 08/30/03), and it's still pretty accurate:

"i'm kristen. i'm seventeen, and i think i can do anything. my vision of love is severely obscured. i spent so much time with sean that i seriously began to think he was the one. but i never wanted to grow up to be a farmer's wife, and i most certainly don't want to live in ohio.

i like music and making out.

i have joe and mitch's senior pictures hanging from my dresser mirror. i also have a picture of sean and me on my dresser. i took it down awhile ago in a fit of guilt, but i recently put it back in its place of honor. nothing will ever change the fact that we are both beautiful people who were once beautiful together, and if i have to remember us i might as well remember the good things. sean and me grinning while wearing our marching band uniforms is most certainly a good thing.

i drive a 1991 silver saturn. it has four doors, a broken cassette player, no air conditioning, and a vanity license plate that reads "KALVIN".

there's a pile of filled-out college applications sitting on my floor, and they include michigan state, the university of michigan, ferris state, st. louis college of pharmacy, kettering, yale, and harvard.

my parents have to buy two different kinds of milk every week because sean got me hooked on skim milk and i will never go back to drinking 2% now.

i am very anal about anything involving school.

i like going to shows, but lately i've had no one to go with. that makes me sad, but it's mostly because my parents are more lenient than everyone else's.

percussionists do have more fun.

i hate TV and hardly ever watch it, but i DO like daria, boy meets world, and queer eye for the straight guy.

my favorite sleepwear is my orange "operation" board game pajama pants and my black silk & lace camisole.

places i must visit before i die include los angeles and paris.

my eighteenth birthday present to myself is going to be getting my nipples pierced.

my fourth toes are my longest ones.

my parents have not told me "no" once since sean and i broke up. i think originally they were afraid that if they told me no, i would go crazy and kill myself or something. this explains much of my newfound freedom.

i have been writing in this scribble since the end of eighth grade. that's a little over three years, or about 19% of my life."

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