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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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can't do this thing called life without you here with me.
dinosaur roar

stupid things i did this weekend:

  • stayed out late thursday night when i had my bs110 lab at 8am friday
  • contemplated if someone marks out where the equator is
  • asked mom some question about her wedding ring, so now she's convinced mike and i are thinking about getting married
  • could not figure out why there was no purple paint in all of home depot
  • almost asked lori why the mcflurry spoons are hollow, when i realized i work(ed) at mcdonald's and already know the answer

    i'm sure there are others .. feel free to add to the list, kids!

    i had a pretty good weekend. i got to see mike, so that was cool, of course. :) friday night i went to the linden vs. fenton football game (along with about 15 other alumni! holy crap!). i went to pizza hut with everyone afterwards ... i think it was the most people associated with the band i have EVER seen in there all at once. it took forever & a day to get our food ... but it's all good. stuffed crust pizza is yummy!

    saturday i went to see the band performed at clarkston. i watched every single band from flights IV and III, plus most of the bands from flight I. during flight II i went to find the band (i keep wanting to call them "my band"). parents wanted to leave so i got a ride back to the high school with the gables and mrs. mcgreevy.

    it was really cold saturday night, i'll tell you that! dang! it was like 80/90 degrees the week before ... what happened?!

    after we got back from the invitational, i hung out with michael for a little while. then he drove me home and i went to sleep. sunday morning i went to church with my family, ran some errands with nathaniel, visited mike & lori at the argentine mcdonald's, then came back to michigan state. i worked the spartan waiter busroute from 6-8pm with a cool girl named dominique. we listened to really loud beyonce music the entire ride. :D

    i somehow managed to evade my homework allllll weekend. being home was boring ... except when i was out of the house, of course.

    on a side note, i thought this was funny:

    Your LJ Band by Karen_Walker
    Name of your LJ Band
    Back Up Dancer 1crunchyoyster
    Back Up Dancer 2hagndaz
    Quiz created with MemeGen!

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    wtf, i've been playing drums and guitar for 10 years, but i'm a groupie?!


    take a new quiz big K :(

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