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i'll never let you down again.

the football game this saturday (vs. illinois) is a noon game! meaning i'll be done by 4pm or so. yay! i can make weekend plans. i won't be able to see linden perform at plymouth canton, but perhaps i can do something else fun instead. toga party? go home for a day and a half in hopes of seeing michael? talk some friends from home into coming up to see me? stay in and do homework? pick up some shifts at work?

those last two don't honestly sound very fun. but they are probably the most practical options.

i downloaded a lot of ben kweller & barenaked ladies songs last night. also, my purple sheets came in the mail (either friday or saturday while i was gone). jessie and i are going to do some MORE renovations to our room: this includes carpeting the steps of our loft ladder, "reupholstering" our futon, and finally putting carpet down in our room. our room will be a pretty purple paradise!

oh! i forgot to mention i got a new cell phone this weekend. it's a pretty nice camera phone. i <3 it already. i can take pictures of people and then show it so their picture pops up when they call me. the picture i have of mike is quite amusing. he's scrunching his face up really funny. the picture i managed to take of jeff is quite possibly the best picture i have ever seen of him. and i do mean EVER.

well, time to get situated for tonight's marching band practice. i'm taking a hat, scarf, and gloves, man!

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