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there are no words he should say.

tuesday night i stayed at matt and nathaniel's. good times! i met a bunch of their new friends: stef? lindsey? jessie? i can't remember all the names. sam came over for awhile, too. we watched part of fahrenheit 9/11 but mostly just sat around and talked.

last night the spartan marching band went to the grand ledge invitational. ahhh, high school marching bands. what can i say? they love us. dewitt was there. you know, linden's best friends.

i actually read chapter five of my biological psychology book and i understood the lecture SO much better today. (nathaniel laughed when i told him this and said, "imagine that!") also ... our last exam was curved so i ended up with a 3.0! kickass!!!! in history, we listened to bach preludes & fugues and pachelbel's canon and analyzed all of this 18th century music. it was actually halfway interesting. only because it WASN'T something about the scientific revolution or king louis XIV.

my lab homework for tomorrow has been done for days! that's quite a feat. i plan to study for calculus ALL weekend. in between the football game and work and the tuba toga party, of course.

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