time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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what on earth is my major?!
dinosaur roar

i am wearing a t-shirt that reads: "michigan state spartan trumpets 2004". who would've thought?!

okay, so i decided to go ahead and drop calculus II right now. i was looking through the honors courses trying to find a substitute class, since i haven't exactly taken any honors courses yet. i FINALLY found a course that fits instead of mth 133. well, okay, so it's not an honors course. right now my schedule for next semester looks something like this:

BS 111 - Cells & Molecules
ENG 430 - Studies in Film Theory & Criticism
FRN 201 - Second Year French I
JRN 108 - Introduction to Mass Media
THR 110 - Theatrical Play Analysis
MUS 116 - Campus Band

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hey, i have bs111! what section? i'm in section 1

so am i!!! YAY!!
i don't have the lab though because there weren't any sections that fit into my schedule. :(

Hey kristen its leah. I think your crazy awesome and i just wanted to say hi and see whats going on with you.

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