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sweetest's day? ha!

"and remember boys & girls, this weekend's weather has been brought to you by the letters F and U."

today was quite possibly the worst weather i have ever been required to do anything band-related in. yuck. i am still cold & wet feeling. i did, however, get to march series to the stadium up in the block (!) because ashley was late to practice and her punishment was to get kicked to the back of the block for series. it was kinda hailing and i had no clothes here to layer underneath my uniform. bahhhh. my gloves are TRASHED, my spats are filthy, there is MUD on top of my hat (?????), and i mucked up the back of my pant legs while riding my bike. oh joy & rapture! at least post game got cancelled. and at least we totally CREAMED the gophers.

i just want today to be over. will things get easier then?

there is a five-year-old in my room right now watching cartoons at a blaring volume. and i was hoping to catch a nap before heading out to spartan spectacular. hrmph. so much for that idea, i suppose.

this entire last week can SUCK IT. I HATE BOYS!!! I HATE COLLEGE!!!!!


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