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watch me unravel.

i should've just gone sparty watching last night, seeing i really didn't do much studying for my psychology exam. yesterday the trumpet alternates mixed it up and went to stand by the baritone alternates during rehearsal. i talked to alex and got to meet scott (i always call todd "scott" on accident). i also found out that rob (cymbal player who was majorly hitting on me during the indiana trip) has a girlfriend who is still in high school (!). i never would've guessed that kid was taken, but somehow it doesn't surprise me all too much.

i spent like an hour trying to figure out which ringtone to buy for my cellphone. i finally decided on weezer's "undone (the sweater song)". it's pretty neat. i hope it's worth $1.99, though .... haha. mom took a picture of mike on her cell phone and had it e-mailed to me. "how does my coat look in your kitchen, kristen?"

this week has gone by really fast. it's already thursday! possibly because i'm not looking forward to this weekend at all. i would love to be going to the michigan game ... if it didn't involve going with the band. our day starts and ends so freaking early! my roommate and both of my suitemates are going home this weekend. i tried to get mike to come visit me but "he has states and blah blah blah and sunday he is making it a point to do absolutely NOTHING". so i think i'm just going to relax and watch a movie(s) and order some food on sunday. yeah, sounds good.

i am DEFINITELY going out to sparty watch tonight, even though i have a stupid calculus quiz tomorrow. right now it's time for breakfast.

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