time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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yeah honors course! boo dubya!
dinosaur roar

good news! i figured out an honors course for me to take next semester instead of messing around with the honors-option. i dropped BS 111 and i'm taking BS 149H & BS 159H instead. it's basically the honors equivalent of BS 111. plus i read on allmsu.com that the BS 111 prof i was signed up for is really awful. so now i'm over-enrolled at 21 credits for next semester (the new BS combo is 5 credits! yikes!)! there is no way i have the time OR money for that. i have to figure out a class to drop. is it going to be.....

a) ENG 430
b) JRN 108
c) THR 110

okay, and then i wake up to discover george bush is our president for the next four years?! *growls* i hope jessie's happy!

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