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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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i'll take what i can get.
dinosaur roar

yesterday was good. saw allison and mr. mcgreevy at adam's field before the game (yay!). [we lost the game, but eh. spartan football has kind of let me down lately.] went to common grounds with mike. talked some things over. spent the night at whitney's. we talked until 3am and she forced me to eat some mini quiche lorraines. went to panera bread for breakfast with whitney, amy, and tracie. went to jeff's for awhile to visit. got him to burn me some BNL cds. jeff made pizza and made sure i ate some of it. lori called me while i was there. i think i have talked to everyone i could possibly want to talk to this weekend.

i am so confused about what i want.

going to the taking back sunday concert with matt. leaving for his house right now. kinda not feeling up for it, but forcing myself to go anyway.

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ha, better than Eastern's football team.
It was cool that I saw you at Panera. I was so tired. It always seems kind of funny seeing people like that though. I'm just psyched whenever I see someone I know. I don't really talk to Zach anymore, which is kind of bad. I mean, I live with the guy. The only other person from our class here is Desi. Desi is all about football I guess. I've seen him a few times, but I don't think that he recognized me. I've met friends here, but it's cool to see people from home. I make sure to keep in touch with my girlfriend. It's sort of crazy sometimes. My family is separated, so that makes things interesting. My mom just got divorced over the summer, and she moved this weekend. My idea of home is sort of weird. Well, I just figured that I would leave an unecessary long comment. Seems that I'm good at that.

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