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all the shit that you do.

Barenaked Ladies
Masonic Temple
Detroit, MI
Sat, 12/18/04

who's with me?????

anyway. the taking back sunday concert tonight was good. i let matt drive dad's bonneville home from d-town. state theatre is right in the heart of downtown detroit, man. it was pretty scary. i bought a cute pirate shirt, though. matt and i stopped at taco bell on the way to the concert. i would just like to iterate that matt and i are quite possibly best friends again. :)

my back hurts something AWFUL today (well, actually it is definitely NIGHTTIME right now). the only reason i can come up with is because whitney let me sleep in her bed last night (she has an AMAZING mattress) and i am used to sleeping on my crappy mattress at school. is it possible that might've screwed up my back?

i have the itch for a new tattoo. or another piercing. a haircut. something, anything, to mark a turning point.

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