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i <3 kathy

pOpTaRT fAErie: kathy!!
pOpTaRT fAErie: could you do me an extreme mega huge favor
starlight shards: what?
starlight shards: depends
pOpTaRT fAErie: find out the score of the michigan state vs. penn state game
pOpTaRT fAErie: you know, like football
pOpTaRT fAErie: :-D
starlight shards: i'm NEVER GOING TO FIND IT
starlight shards: you know how many channeles the old people have????
pOpTaRT fAErie: espn 2
pOpTaRT fAErie: we don't get it in the dorms :-(
starlight shards: MSU - 6
starlight shards: Penn - 3
pOpTaRT fAErie: YAY!
starlight shards: lol
pOpTaRT fAErie: is it still the 1st quarter?
starlight shards: not sure
starlight shards: just be happy i got you the score

i was supposed to go to brian's today to watch the game with a bunch of people ... THEN it turns out we don't actually get the channel. aw. so i am sad. well, not devastated, but a little disappointed. i was looking forward to actually having plans today! this is my first weekend here without any marching band commitments.

jessie's gone .. amanda's gone ... matt's home for the weekend as well .. derek went home ... nathaniel has a brass gig & homework ... sam has homework, too (stupid JMC!) .... time to start calling around!

i'm going to take a shower. i was trying to recall last night when the last time i took one was and i couldn't remember. however, that may have been a result of my being very tired. or the soco. or both. okay, so shower and then maybe some calculus problems and/or donkey kong 64.

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