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sooooooooooooo - tomorrow after PSY 209 gets out at 11:40am, grandma & bill are bringing matthew and me back to good 'ol linden. i plan to cram seeing as many people as i can into these six days. amy! whitney! caitlyn! michael! lori! jeff! anyone else i stupidly haven't mentioned! YAYYYYYYY~!! <333333

okay, so here's the game plan....

Tuesday: arrive home around 1pm
visit Mrs. Quinlan(?)

Wednesday: work 5am-1pm

Thursday: work 8am-2pm
Thanksgiving Dinner 2:15pm

Friday: work 5am-1pm
maybe shopping w/Mom(?)
Shelter[ed] outing to see Island View Drive(?)

Saturday: work 5am-1pm

Sunday: don't know the work schedule yet
Shelter[ed] practice(?)

Monday: back to MSU w/Dad in the early morning hours

today was sort of sad. we took the marching band pictures and turned in our uniforms. that's a LOT of people with a LOT of uniform components. translation: a lot of band kids standing outside dem hall in shorts, black socks, and marching shoes freezing their butts off. well, at least i brought jeans and flip flops. chelsea gave me a ride back to hubbard in her mom's cadillac. heated seats, oooooo. i love chelsea. i am sad that i probably won't see many of the marching band folk until next fall. although i am going to try really hard to stay in touch with a few of them. i think the trumpet girls are still going to have outings and such, so that should be fun. next week we're going to see the second bridget jones' diary. i <3 my section (for the most part, anyway).

i've been downloading a ton of bright eyes music. i sent all my newest songs to matt and now his collection tops mine again. blast! i just can't compete with matt and his massive ........ music collection.

i saw rachel in the hubbard caf this morning. i almost ALWAYS eat alone, so it was nice to eat breakfast with someone. :) i still really like count chocula (i wonder at what point i will get sick of it). my nails are very long. they hit the keyboard keys funny now. i actually had to trim & file them earlier(!). imagine that.

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