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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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dinosaur roar

sooooooooooooo - tomorrow after PSY 209 gets out at 11:40am, grandma & bill are bringing matthew and me back to good 'ol linden. i plan to cram seeing as many people as i can into these six days. amy! whitney! caitlyn! michael! lori! jeff! anyone else i stupidly haven't mentioned! YAYYYYYYY~!! <333333

okay, so here's the game plan....

Tuesday: arrive home around 1pm
visit Mrs. Quinlan(?)

Wednesday: work 5am-1pm

Thursday: work 8am-2pm
Thanksgiving Dinner 2:15pm

Friday: work 5am-1pm
maybe shopping w/Mom(?)
Shelter[ed] outing to see Island View Drive(?)

Saturday: work 5am-1pm

Sunday: don't know the work schedule yet
Shelter[ed] practice(?)

Monday: back to MSU w/Dad in the early morning hours

today was sort of sad. we took the marching band pictures and turned in our uniforms. that's a LOT of people with a LOT of uniform components. translation: a lot of band kids standing outside dem hall in shorts, black socks, and marching shoes freezing their butts off. well, at least i brought jeans and flip flops. chelsea gave me a ride back to hubbard in her mom's cadillac. heated seats, oooooo. i love chelsea. i am sad that i probably won't see many of the marching band folk until next fall. although i am going to try really hard to stay in touch with a few of them. i think the trumpet girls are still going to have outings and such, so that should be fun. next week we're going to see the second bridget jones' diary. i <3 my section (for the most part, anyway).

i've been downloading a ton of bright eyes music. i sent all my newest songs to matt and now his collection tops mine again. blast! i just can't compete with matt and his massive ........ music collection.

i saw rachel in the hubbard caf this morning. i almost ALWAYS eat alone, so it was nice to eat breakfast with someone. :) i still really like count chocula (i wonder at what point i will get sick of it). my nails are very long. they hit the keyboard keys funny now. i actually had to trim & file them earlier(!). imagine that.

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Is IVD at the local friday?

FRI NOV 26 - Fenton, MI (5530 Runyan Lake Rd)
Heritage Hills Church

w/ The Swellers, Darling Be Rational, The Extractor, Apathy for an Enemy, Tribute to the Fallen
All Ages, 6:30pm, $5

well now, that isn't IVD is it?

"you vile smelling girl!"

they're at the local dec. 17th, i believe!
lets go!

Woah - I was going to suggest you come to Linden tomorrow and see Mrs. Q... and possibly pick up your favorite sister from school! It'll be like old times. Let me know k?

good 'ol times in the silver saturn!! maybe i'll come get your sorry behind on wednesday, too.

You're a bitch and I hate you!!

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