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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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i have to be up in .... six hours!
dinosaur roar

so my time at home started off less than glamourous. my grandparents were hideously late arriving to pick up matthew and me (they got lost before they even got to campus, so i guess it's understandable). we were supposed to head back to linden at noon, and grandma & bill didn't arrive at hubbard until 1:45pm! crazy. we all laughed about it, though, so that's good. matt and i had been planning to visit mrs. quinlan and to pick up kathy from school. i was heartbroken when i had to call LHS and send a message to kathy saying i couldn't come pick her up. so matt and i have delayed our linden high school visit until tomorrow.

so, not only were we very late arriving home ...... but the front right tire on my car was EXTREMELY flat. and i couldn't find my air compressor (i can't find ANYTHING at home anymore). so dad gave me some money and i had to go to wal-mart and buy a new one. but my new one is cute and comes with a huge light attached (so i can pump my tires in the dark! yeah!).

tonight i went to fenton house with my family (plus matt, who is practically family, since he's married to kathy and all). afterwards i went over to matt's with kathy, lori, and amy. it was good fun.

....by the time i arrive at the high school tomorrow, i will have worked a full 8-hour shift at work. whoa. how much does THAT thought suck. and jeff is havin' people over tomorrow night. yay!

okay, so i should get to bed. soon. man, gotta love mcdonald's.

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good times, indeed.
i thought you were going to bed about ten / fifteen minutes ago!? lol

hey, i think i will seeya at school tomorrow. leaving here around noonish- i will call you after 1. have a good day.



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