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all alone under the mistletoe.

so yesterday i fell asleep at 7pm and didn't wake up until noon today. oh my god. do you know how much sleep that is? or how amazing you feel afterwards? we were in the case cafeteria this morning (actually it was more like 12:15pm), and i looked at matt & nathaniel and said, "you guys, i feel so HAPPY!" i guess that's what an extreme amount of sleep will do to you.

i skipped my last official class of the fall semester. i figured since i'm getting a big fat 1.0 in calculus that i didn't really need to go anyway.

right now i am on a christmas song downloading spree. only christmas songs by popular artists need apply for my christmas playlist. so far i have barenaked ladies, blink 182, brand new, bright eyes, britney spears, celine dion, christina aguilera, fall out boy, good charlotte, guster, hilary duff, jewel, jessica simpson, john lennon, madonna, mariah carey, and the spice girls.

yes, i am a nerd.

turns out i am buying my JRN 108 book from derek's ex-girlfriend. what are the chances?! sometimes michigan state's campus seems smaller than i'd like.

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