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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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matt, i swear to god...
dinosaur roar

i am going to kill matt if he doesn't shut up. he is adding up "jessie percents" and he is at like three thousand. out of one hundred. no, i am not mad at you, buddy. just please shut up. please? i will pay you a dollar. SHUT THE FUCK UP, MATT!!!!!!!

nathaniel ate a dime tonight. he was that hungry. he would've eaten more change if we had let him. nathaniel also successfully dialed EVERY SINGLE person who he had programmed in his cell phone, including people he doesn't even know. he poured the contents of a bottled water all over my lap and tried to steal tacos that didn't belong to him. when we wouldn't give up our food, he ate several packets of mild sauce.

excerpt from my telephone call to derek:
DEREK: hey hey!
KRISTEN: hi, it's kristen.
DEREK: is kristen there?
KRISTEN: derek, this IS kristen.
DEREK: is kristen available? okay, i'll hold.
KRISTEN: derek, shut up. can you come open the door for us?
DEREK: no, that's illegal, i can't do that!
KRISTEN: nothing ever stopped you from doing anything illegal before...
DEREK: i can't, i'm not in my room.
KRISTEN: oh, where are you?
DEREK: ...in my room.

i have spent EVERY SINGLE NIGHT this week in 164 south case hall. consequently, i have watched SO MANY movies in the past week (and eaten a lot of REALLY BAD leftover cafeteria food)! last night alone i watched 3 movies with eric: bad boys 2, but i'm a cheerleader, and the rundown. we turned up the action scenes very loud at 3am and stole adam's pretzels.

i have a biology final exam to take in ... 29 hours. hey guys, guess what?! it's quiet hours!!!!

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please tell me nathaniel didn't really eat a dime.

i really did eat a dime though. twas yummy.


yes, nathaniel really DID eat a dime. he WANTED to eat quarters, but i convinced him that was a bad idea. hey, we had to do SOMETHING to keep him away from tacos that weren't his!

But I'm a Cheerleader is really funny!

I actually enjoyed Bad Boys 2... I still liked Bad Boys 1 better. ^_^ xD

You know what's gonna be really funny... when the dime has to come out. It would have been better had he swallowed silver dollars or something... would have taught him a lesson...

he would've eaten quarters if matt and i hadn't intervened! dimes should be much easier to pass than quarters or, heaven forbid, silver dollars ...

aren't you supposed to be studying?!

hahaha....fuck you sam :-)

the last time i ate any sort of currency was when i was a little under ONE. it was also a penny. how foolish of you to waste so much money.

have fun with that one.

eh, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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