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grew up in a small town.


woot woot. i'm not looking forward so much to going home as i am that exams are over. i got a 75% on my bio exam (which is AMAZING - especially considering i didn't even look over my notes). today's calc exam was a joke. i left a couple problems blank. oh well. i went into it with a nice, solid 1.5. if i did semi-decent on the exam that could easily go up. if i get a 2.0 in the class, i will not retake it. if i get a 1.5 in the class, i'll think about retaking it. if i get a 1.0, i will retake mth 132 a second time.

gotta sort out my ebay ipod mess once i get home. i am so stupid sometimes. okay, scratch that. make it most of the time.

roadtrips are being planned to brighton & to the west side of the state to see msu friends. yayyy! oh, and by the way .... if you are one of those people who is going to try and get me sucked into your petty little high school drama once i am home, FORGET IT. I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU. i mean it. i will live at mcdonald's and work my life away if i have to.

my away message from last night:
pOpTaRT fAErie: my fucking bike lock is fucking frozen and i broke the fucking key trying to get it in the fucking lock so now i can't put my fucking bike away in the fucking bike room for fucking winter break. i hate the fucking world right now!!!!! FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK.

anyway, gotta pack up my computer now because uncle ken & phyllis will be here soon.

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