time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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dinosaur roar

so today has been a day for weird internet occurences. amy found a disturbing ipod image .... i talked to sean online for quite awhile ... and i totally just instant messaged mike (or at least i thought it was mike - why wouldn't it be?) and ended up telling mr. mcgreevy that he's creepy. oops?

i am home for break!!!
so far my only definite plans are as follows:

Wed 12/15 - dentist appointment 11am
work 2-7pm

Thu 12/16 - work 5am-9am

Fri 12/17 - work 5am-1pm

Sat 12/18 - work 5am-1pm

Tue 12/21 - OFF
dinner w/hon. english seminar group @ 6pm

everyone help fill in the gaps!!! CALL ME! ;)

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schedule permitting - hang out with jessica. perhaps go to 12 oaks and the scrapbook zone.

ooohh, that sounds like fun! i will definitely try to fit that in once i know my work schedule!

hanging out with me and matt, cause i told matt that i'm hanging out with him as much as possible this month...

Think about our French 3 class 12/19. Dix-neuf!

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