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dreaming of what could be...

...and if i'd end up happy.

so nothing too glamorous has happened so far during my winter break:

wednesday 12/15
had a dentist appointment at 11am to fix my chipped tooth. the dentist told me that the reason my filling keeps breaking off that front tooth is probably because i (used to!!) bite my nails. i called the bank and filed a claim regarding my ebay fraud incident. as of right now, the money is back in my checking account, but that may only be temporary (cross your fingers it's mine again for real).

then i worked from 2-7pm. i saw scott!!! yayyyy! and i worked *gasp* grill for the second half of my shift. yes, me, back there .... by myself. holy shit that was a bad mistake. i was doing fine. then it was like, "uh, scott, what goes on a crispy chicken???"

"i'm going to PRETEND you're new employee, kristen..."

after work, i signed up for a tanning membership at tropi*tan for the duration of my time home. i justified this decision since i have not one, but TWO formal dances in february (huddle & the honors ball) AND i am going to mexico for spring break. so i did my 10 minutes in a super bed ... AND TOTALLY FORGOT TO COVER MY TATTOO!!!!!! I AM SUCH AN IDIOT. thank god one slipup didn't damage my precious ink, but i have definitely learned to be more careful.

thursday 12/16
dragged myself out of bed at 4:12am in order to make it to work by 5 ... only to be sent home shortly before 8. don't get me wrong, i WANTED to stay!! i told jim, "i neeeeed hours. i am making money for college, here."

jim threw two pennies at me and told me to put it in my college fund.

so i went home and took a nap. then i drove out to east lansing to pick up matt. i dropped some crap off at hubbard (and picked up a few items i forgot), then matt and i ate lunch in case (i was feeling guilty about eating only THREE MEALS at school this week!). we did some miscellaneous shopping up along grand river. i returned my psy 209 book and got a whopping $31 for it at ned's. then we went to bubble island, where i had an amazing peach banana smoothie with a huuuuuge straw and these really cool gummy ball things in it.

matt and i managed to lose my dad's car in the parking garage. as it turns out, we were in the wrong parking garage. we laughed our ASSES off.

on the way home, sean called matt and invited us to go see ocean's twelve. i took another nap before we went out. the movie was definitely not as good as the first one, but that is to be expected. and i STILL can't get over the fact that i had to pay $7.50 to see a movie in the theatre. afterwards, sean, amy, matt, kelly, rachel, nathaniel, and i all went over to sean's house and hung out. sean took this really dumb picture of himself and tried to set it as the backdrop for my cell phone. *rolls eyes*

oh, and something about the galapagos islands and a french horn.

however, the best news of my night was learning that i received a 132/150 on my calculus final, leaving me with a 2.0 in the class!!!! fuck yeah!!!! i passed! not only did i pass, but now mth 132 will actually count towards my major (2.0 is the minimum grade needed for a class required for your major). sheesh, i have never been so excited about earning a D on an exam. *grins*

friday 12/17
got roughly three hours of sleep before heading off to work. i was scheduled to work from 5am-1pm, but ended up staying until 2:12pm. oh well, i didn't have any plans, and it helps make up for the hours i lost yesterday. i picked up kathy from school, and now here i am.

finally got up the nerve to call someone only to end up not being able to get ahold of them. go figure.

as for the rest of my plans:
saturday 12/18
work 5am-1pm

sunday 12/19
work 6am-2pm

monday 12/20
work 5am-1pm

tuesday 12/21
dentist appointment 12pm
honors english seminar group dinner @ red robin 6pm

wednesday 12/22
work 5:30am-1:30pm
euchre tournament @ sean's

thursday 12/23
work 5am-1pm

friday 12/24
work 5am-1pm
christmas eve @ grandma's

yeah, so my work schedule is pretty bad ... but i would really like to still see as many people as possible, even if working so early makes me feel like blacking out around 10pm. i saw the tentative schedule for two weeks from now and i work at much more reasonable times (like 7:30am and 9am instead of this 5 o'clock bullshit).

i actually changed clothes and got myself looking nice after work, and now i have nothing to do. right now i'm feeling a nap coming on, but please call me if you're down for anything.

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