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this entry has been edited multiple times.

work schedule for next week....

Thu 12/23: 5am-1pm

Fri 12/24: 5am-1pm

Sat 12/25: OFF

Sun 12/26: 7am-3pm

Mon 12/27: 4am-12pm

Tue 12/28: 9am-3pm

Wed 12/29: 12-7pm

Thu 12/30: OFF

Fri 12/31: 7:30am-3:30pm
(what am i doing on new year's eve????)

Sat 1/1: OFF

tuesday, jessica and i headed down to the scrapbook zone in novi. i spent a small fortune on spartan/michigan state related paper. then i went to dinner with jessica, nathaniel, amanda, claire, and kathy, who i dragged along with us. we went to red robin in brighton, and it was a grand time. i am still appalled that claire has played flipcup and that amanda uttered the word "asshole" twice in one night.

yesterday i went to see christmas with the kranks with nathaniel and his younger brothers. disclaimer: i do not recommend this movie for anyone's viewing enjoyment. it is definitely a children's flick. afterwards we ate at burger king (long time no visit there for me...) on owen road. their computer system was totally down. nathaniel pulled the envoy up at the drive-through and there was a sign over the speaker that said, "please come inside." i was like, "WHAT!! you've GOT to be kidding me!" but someone inside was still wearing a headset, and they said, "come inside." so i felt like a complete ass.

nathaniel and i dropped off his brothers, then headed to sean's house to hang out (well, it was SUPPOSED to be a euchre tournament, but not much card playing actually took place).

i also found this to be amusing:

What Will pixiemab Get ?
Xmas pressie predictor
Big wooly jumper knitted by killmotionradio
Pair of Socks from xluckyxleox
Bottle of Whiskey from andyoukissback
Cd from hagndaz
Something Cuddly from lizzylizzerton
Something Intoxicating from superockstar09
Something Silly from shadesofsummer
Something Funny from holdenismyhero
Lump of coal from couser
Something Pretty from aguycalleddrew
Something Shiny from sheerly
Something Naughty from ravvivato
Something Smelly from bcracer
Something Breakable from assreqgetsmewet
Something Useful from curcurutos
Something not useful from venezavecmoi
The Black and Decker Tool Kit from lorbie05
Livejournal account from slinkster_slam
The Make-up Bag from i_heart_wilco
Stack of DVDs from rinke_18
Something Geeky from sameoldtrip


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