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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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i'll be outside, waiting for you.
dinosaur roar

so last night i finally caved and bought my iPod. a 4th generation 40gb iPod directly from the apple website. hooray for being a university student and getting a slight discount. plus i got laser engraving for free. i decided on

Kristen Marie Byers
.another clumsy chord.

i ordered a pink case for it, too. the funny thing is, the items ship separately - so the case shipped today, but because of my personalization on the iPod, it won't ship for a few more days.

so yeah. i guess i'm a cool kid now. i figured i really wanted it, my portable CD player died while at MSU, and i've been working my ass off for the duration of winter break. mom actually told me it's about time i treated myself.

i am really excited about the next couple of days!!!

yesterday, patty told me i look like i've been to cancun. yay tanning! i think i might dye my hair black. just for kicks.

also, i have a mystery guestbook signer: see for yourself
if anyone has any clue who "fancy dan" is, i'll pay good money. ;)

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holy shit big K, i thought you were broke! instead you run off and spend near $400 on an ipod.

well, enjoy it! it is quite possibly the best invention of the past decade.

yah, and where is my money?? i am really broke...lol. awesomeness!

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