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yesterday was pretty amazing. i woke up at 6:45am (on my day off!) and drove to sam's house (which is farther away than i had anticipated .. in coHOCtah). then sam and i picked up mason and katherine and we drove for OVER TWO HOURS to douglas, michigan, to visit melissa. upon arrival at melissa's we drove another 5 minutes or so to lake michigan, because if we had come THAT far west i wanted to see the lake, damnit! the most shallow parts of the water were frozen, and somehow we turned that into a lot of fun ... until mason stomped on some ice and fell through (he only got his one foot soaked, but still). then we drove to panera bread while mason nursed his foot in the backseat. i had chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl and hot chai tea. mmmmmmm. then the five of us went to salvation army! we all bought something, too. mason's trenchcoat definitely takes the cake, though.

on our way out of the salvation army parking lot, we almost died. it's a good thing sam turned out to be a very defensive driver.

have i mentioned there were a lot of old people on the west side of the state? why is that?

a little shaken up, we drove to two different movie theaters before settling on the aviator, but the movie didn't start for another hour and a half. so we went to meijer's to buy candy and i also stocked up on snacks for tonight's new year's eve adventure. then it was back to the movies .... where we sat for EVER and a day. my attention span was seriously waning by the end of that movie. it was just TOO LONG. especially knowing you had a really long car ride home ahead of you.

so after the movie we dropped melissa back off at her house, met her dad, used her bathroom, and we were off! katherine was supposed to be home by seven in time for dinner with her family .... yeah that didn't happen. i didn't roll into my driveway until nearly 8:30pm! then i read a little of my book and it was straight off to bed for me!

today i work 7:30am-3:30pm. then i'm coming home, packing, and heading out for my first new year's party from which i will not be returning from until the morning after!

to recap previous new year's eves:

2001: freshman year. was stuck at grandma's house while everyone else partied at austin's.

2002: went to kelly's and hung out with amy and rachel a lot. sean was in florida at the time. i remember yelling, "tu es bavard!" at josh hester.

2003: saw revamped play at the red door club, then went to kelly's house. no one seems to remember much about this year and truthfully, i don't either.

2004: went to lori's house and had a potluck. kissed mike and drank sparkling grape juice at midnight. watched scary movies and fell asleep because i was tired from work.

my resolution(s) to be posted later.

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