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can YOU pronounce "tamale" or "ukelele"?

yesterday i worked from 5:00-11:30am. my shift went by fairly quickly. i never mentioned in here that jim quit mcdonald's (last friday, to be exact). i'm so heartbroken. he didn't even say goodbye. *pouts* i don't truthfully know if i will ever be going back to work at the hartland mcdonald's after my shift this saturday morning. life seems to be taking me different places.

matthew and i picked up kc from the middle school yesterday afternoon. we ran into katy (mcgreevy), who i simply adore and didn't realize how much i miss until that moment.

emily's little get-together last night turned out to be pretty fun. we played trivial pursuit 90s edition for hours on end. i TOTALLY knew the answer to the question, "which makeup brand makes colors such as gangrene?" because i have contemplated that SPECIFIC shade of green eyeshadow from URBAN DECAY! booyah! kelly and i were totally winning the game, too, until nathaniel decided to be a sore loser. nathaniel also claims he had $1000 worth of damage done to his car; when he told me that, i pictured the entire thing smashed up like an accordian, but it looks fine to me. nathaniel, has anyone ever told you that you are a drama queen sometimes? but we still love you. :)

oh, and it's official: i have my money back for keeps from my little eBay ipod mishap. and speaking of ipods, i might add that mine is still continuing to treat me quite nicely, thank you.

& amy might transfer to msu! YAYness. all of our michigan state talk last night made me even more excited to go back to school next week. there is so much fun stuff to look forward to there. i am STILL contemplating switching my campus band night to monday instead of tuesday, but i just don't know ...

JRN 108 9:10-10:00am
FRN 201 10:20-11:10am
THR 110 12:40-1:30pm

FRN 201 10:20-11:10am
BS 149H 12:40-1:30pm
BS 159H 3:00-6:00pm
MUS 116 7:00-9:50pm

JRN 108 9:10-10:00am
THR 110 12:40-1:30pm

FRN 201 10:20-11:10am
BS 149H 12:40-1:30pm

JRN 108 9:10-10:00am
FRN 201 10:20-11:10am
BS 149H 11:30-12:20pm

i also have 2 additional credits due to study abroad (merida, mexico for spring break, baby!!) my honors biology course is with josh (droog), so i am mega-excited about that. and kelly & rachel are in my journalism class. no eight o'clocks, and i am done by a decent time every day except tuesday. rock ON.

i had a dentist appointment this morning. the roads were/are pretty bad. i hardly dared to take my car out, but it was the only vehicle here so i really had no choice in the matter. i was under the impression i was going to get a crown or something else fancy done to my front tooth, but no, they just filled it ... AGAIN. i am sick of this filling chipping/breaking off, that's all i have to say.

it's freezing in my house and i am bored out of my MIND. but at least i'm not at mcdonald's!

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